Plate Lickers supper club…

Back in 2012, Ivana (Ivana Brdanovic) and I started Plate Lickers Supper Club in Cambridge. After a few years hiatus…we’re coming back! Keep an eye on my events page for more details of future events as they are announced…
Plate Lickers Supper Club
A Supper Club is a very sociable way of dining and we sit everyone together, so its equally fine to come with a group of friends or on your own.
Each event has a different theme, which we share, but the menu is kept a secret until the last minute.
The evenings usually start with canapes and a welcome drink before sitting down to a 3 course meal with BYO.
We announce new dates on our social media pages so follow us on Instagram (@afternoontease & @ivanabrdanovic), on Twitter (@afternoontease & @Ivanabrdanovic) & Facebook (The Afternoon Tease & Ivana Brdanovic#PlateLickers

You can read my blogs about our past events here…

16 responses to “Plate Lickers supper club…

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  8. Jan

    Platelickers in Umbria last night………………best so far, a really delightful evening, great venue, elegant food, interesting company, many thanks!!

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  15. Stephen

    I would like to sign up thanks

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