Afternoon Tease

No.13 King Street, Cambridge, CB1 1LH (map here)

Opening hours…

Tues – Fri 8am ’til 6pm

Sat 9am ’til 5pm

Sun 10am ’til 5pm

Independent cafe serving…


To give you a bit of background about…my name is Jo Kruczynska and I’m a cake baker, supplying cakes to local cafes, hosting cake based events, co-hosting Plate Lickers Supper Club and now living my dream of opening a cafe in Cambridge.

 I was busy planning and working towards opening my own cafe for 7 years and started blogging my baking adventures a few years ago to share recipes and cafe, restaurant and supper club experiences and recommendations.

You can follow my cafe adventure on my blog and you can also sign up to receive my news here.

Find me on Twitter @AfternoonTease

or on Facebook.

You can also get in touch by emailing me

15 responses to “

  1. andrew pevley

    can’t wait for your opening. love cake and coffee. what’s not to like. good luck.

  2. ilovemyfam

    Now you are talking! A tea room?! With … cake! We will be your customers for sure! I am looking forward to the announcement of your opening.

  3. Lucie

    We’ve just moved near King St and I wondered why I couldn’t find a place to buy cake!! Can’t wait for you to open so I can bring my girls after school.

  4. Glad to have found you on “Independent Cambridge” and looking forward to what looks a very endearing business, but had to google your address :-) I know it’s all about the teasing, but maybe being slightly less mysterious would be better? All the best!

  5. CambridgeVegan

    Hi! Just wondering if you plan on having any vegan-friendly cakes or items on your menu? Would be great to see another cafe following the trend of Hot Numbers, The Brewhouse, Sticky Beaks etc by making vegan options available.

  6. Mary

    I’ve just enjoyed a delicious slice of lemon drizzle cake with you. Thank you!

  7. Jo, I am so very excited for you! I’ve been following along (and happily eating your cakes around Cambridge) for a couple of years now, and I am so thrilled to see your café come to fruition. I paid my first (of many) visit a couple of weeks ago, and was instantly smitten (and your banana bread was just as good as I remember from Platelickers); it is so wonderful to have such a charming new café on the Cambridge scene. I will be back often!

    Briony xx

  8. Rudy

    Easily the best coffee in Cambridge. No question.

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