It’s my Birthday! My blog Birthday that is! The Afternoon Tease is 2!

2 years ago today, I tentatively posted my first photo of the towering cupcake creation that I made for my friends wedding and had a little bitch about Sophie Dahl (I still stand by my opinion that she’s sickeningly perfect! ;). When I started out on my blogging adventure I would never have imagined that 172 posts later I’d still be going strong, baking like a demon and blethering on about it with a passion!

I still get quite scared when I think about people reading what I write, which is silly really as I post it on the world wide web for all to see. I’m not a natural writer, I’m just dedicated to cake and to sharing the love! Thank you to all who have visited, read my inane cake related ramblings and tried out the recipes that I’ve shared!

I’m always pondering my next baking adventure so have no fear…I don’t think I’ll ever run out of something to write about…

Watch this space…



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30/03/2012 · 7:55 am

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