Another Friday…another trip to Caravan

As predicted Caravan have well and truly ensnared me and when trying to decide where to go for my Friday treat coffee I could think of nowhere else! So, fresh off the bus, I took a trip down Exmouth Market with a spring in my step and boy did they meet my expectations. I decided that although I had thoroughly enjoyed the Musasa I should branch out and try another of their home roasted varieties. I picked the Aceh Tengah, which I was told would be strong but with fruity undertones once it had cooled off a bit. The chance of the coffee lasting long enough to cool was slight to non existant but hey the thought was there. The same guy served me, he talks about his coffees like fine wines and his enthusiasm is catching! The Aceh Tengah was extremely fruity, complex and delicious and made me realise what s*&t other outlets get away with calling ‘coffee’.

I’m 2 stamps down on my loyalty card – it’d be rude not to at least try all of their coffees and fill the card….next up is going to be their new Bolivian, a new variety straight out of the roaster. Is it sad that I’m planning which coffee to drink a week in advance??

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