Left to the fate of the London Buses….

This week my Friday treat coffee venue was decided by which bus arrived at the bus stop first. Kind of like a cafe lottery. The number 19 goes right near Exmouth Market, which would have meant yet another trip to Caravan or the number 4 goes down Goswell Road and stops right near Goswell Road Coffee, which I hate to admit, is part of a chain, thankfully not of the St&*%£$ks variety but with 2 more shops on Bermondsey Street and Brick Lane. The coffee is good but for me the thing that keeps bringing me back here is the feel of the place….I love it.

It has loads of big sofas, good music, a notice board advertising yoga classes, rooms to rent, ironing services, giving it a community feel and some pretty darn funky features like lamp shades made out of milk cartons…

coffee paraphenalia holders made out lego…

and a very cool mural that takes over a whole wall…

Unfortunately I only had time to grab a take away white americano but the sofas were calling out to me to be lounged on and the huge pile of magazines/ newspapers just begged to be perused……they’ll just have to wait for another day when work isn’t on the agenda. 😦

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