Steak for breakfast?

What best to sort you out the morning after a rather big night out…..steak for breakfast of course! Well that’s what me and my friend Owen were hoping as we headed up to Garufa in Highbury Park this morning. Last week I read a good review on The London Review of Breakfasts blog about it and I’m always up for trying something new especially if it’s delicious. I nearly had second thoughts when Owen told me he likes his steak blue, the thought of sitting opposite a plateful of blood nearly made sent me into relapse but I decided to risk it anyway. 

I don’t like the idea of writing a negative blog entry as it kind of goes against what ‘The Afternoon Tease’ is about and I don’t want to become one of those wannabe critics but….we were really disappointed with our ‘Full Argentine Breakfast’ It was billed as ‘Scrambled eggs, portabello mushroom, 150g Argentine rump steak, Argentine style sausage, grilled tomato and toast’ sounds yummy right? wrong 😦 

On a more positive note I can report that the atmosphere was lovely with a good selection of newspapers/ magazines for brunchtime perusal, I was also very happy with my macchiato and the staff were friendly but sometimes that’s just not enough. 

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