A strawberry & vanilla pavlova that’d make Delia proud

After my yummy J+A lunch I headed over to Hyde Park where I had a date with the Kings of Leon, oh…and a few thousand fellow Londoners :). There had been group emails flying around all morning sorting out arrangements for the afternoon. My friend Rory said that he would be bringing champagne and pavlova for us to enjoy before the gig. I didn’t quite realise how serious Rory was…he didn’t just bring a standard shop bought pavlova and a supermarket bottle of champagne or cava. Instead we were spoilt rotten with…

Once we were settled on our blankets in the sun supping our champagne like a load of old lush’s, Rory delved into his bag and produced all of the lovingly homemade components needed to construct Delia’s strawberry and vanilla pavlova

He uncovered the meringue, made fresh that morning, spooned on the gorgeously vanilla infused mascarpone/fromage frais mixture, poured over pureed strawberries, topped with fresh strawberry halves and last but not least (I was most impressed by his attention to detail) dusted the pavlova with icing sugar….and, as I’m sure you’ll agree, it looked better than Delia’s…

and it tasted divine! Four of us managed to polish off the whole desert in a matter of minutes. It’s amazing what can be achieved with the aid of some tupperware, imagination, ‘can do’ attitude and a little bit of help and advice from Delia!

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