A mammoth batch of melting moments

Last Friday my friend Hannah enlisted my help in baking enough biscuits to feed 40-50 people, for a charity afternoon tea that her Mum was hosting at the weekend. To me, a Friday night spent baking is near on perfect…made even more so when combined with a gin and tonic or two!

Han sourced a recipe for melting moments. I’d never made them before and was slightly confused by the fact that they didn’t have any eggs in them…just butter, sugar, flour and strangely enough…cornflour, which apparently is what makes them ‘melt in your mouth’. They were very easy to make but were very very fragile (note to self…not a good idea to make melting moments whilst drinking gin and tonic). We were a bit generous when forming our balls and I think we could have made them a bit smaller but other than that they turned out perfectly…

The idea is to let them cool slightly but not entirely before covering them in icing sugar, this ensures they are coated well…

The biscuits are shortbread-like but a lot less dense and they literally melt away as soon as they are in your mouth…it’s magic!

We baked 4 batches in the end with Top Gun on the telly in the background…the perfect accompaniment!

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