Come on…chop chop

My friend Owen recently accused me of neglecting the, let’s say, ‘less posh’ eateries of London on my blog. I tried to assure him that I still regularly frequent aforementioned venues but probably too frequently to be able to keep up with blogging them all! 

However, I thought I would pander to him on this occassion, especially as he was the instigator of our foray into the world of Shepherds Bush’s noodle bars.

So…if you’re ever short on time before a gig at Shepherds Bush Empire, which is exactly the situation we found ourselves in on Tuesday, I highly recomend a visit to Chop Chop. Just minutes away from the Empire, behind a pretty generic looking shopfront lies bowl upon bowl of steaming, tasty noodles and soups and…most of them are under £4!! bargain!

I’ve actually been hankering after noodles for a good few weeks (mostly when hungover) but have been lured away from them in favour of other food genre’s so I was glad to finally get my way.

The Chop Chop menu was pretty extensive, which is always problematic for me and my indecisiveness, but the minute I saw that they did kway teow I had to have it! I have very fond memories of it as my favoured dish when travelling through South East Asia a few years back. A plate piled high with flat, juicy rice noodles, crunchy beansprouts, pieces of pork and chicken and ginormous king prawns mmm….

Owen had the Laksa, which apparently he always has when he visits Chop Chop and only falls slightly short of the BEST, which he told me he tasted in Kota Kinabalu in Malaysian Borneo…praise indeed I reckon!…

The king prawn noodle soup looked pretty impressive too…

and rest assured…all of the above were eaten with extremely hygienic chopsticks :)…

and washed down with some tasty Tsingtao beer.

I’ve been told good things about the Kings Cross branch too so come on…Chop Chop!

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