You’ve got a friand…

Ever since my recent trip to Bettys in York I’ve been obsessed with financiers and trying to find the perfect recipe to try out. I discovered a few that incorporated soft fruits such as apricots or raspberries and I suddenly remembered the blackberries that I had picked in September and stashed at the back of my freezer for an occasion just like this. On my new mission to find the perfect blackberry financier recipe I stumbled on this one by Yotam Ottolenghi for blackberry and star anise friands. What is a friand I hear you ask…and what have they got to do with financiers??? well… let me educate you… friands are based very closely on financiers and are very popular in New Zealand and Australia but you’re more likely to find additional flavours and ingredients in friands such as fruits, nuts or chocolate. I decided to give Ottolenghi’s recipe a go but, controversially maybe, decided to omit the star anise, mainly because I didn’t have any and was feeling too lazy on Sunday night to go and buy some but also because I felt that it was a bit of an acquired taste and didn’t want to overcomplicate my friands and swamp the delicate taste of the blackberries.

I liked the fact that you bake the friands straight into the cupcake tin as opposed to using paper cases as it gave them a gorgeous golden brown crust with a very pleasant crunch…

They were amazingly light and moist and the glaze, which was made by mixing strained blackberry pulp with icing sugar was the most amazing colour…

My friands looked so pretty when I left the house first thing this morning before they took an unexpected a nosedive on the bus. Luckily they stayed in their containers but looked a little worse for wear by the time I got them into work. Fortunately my colleagues/guinea pigs weren’t overly concerned with aesthetics and wolfed them down…after all friands will be friands!

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