Sunday Club at Tapped and Packed

The Christmas party season started early for me this year with a mulled wine fuelled weekend. But somehow on Sunday morning, powered by intrigue, me and my hangover managed to struggle out of bed, brave the icy chill and venture down to Tapped and Packed for the first ever ‘Sunday Club’. It was all a bit of a mystery to me but the concept of a club devoted to coffee appreciation really appealed…so I took the gamble and found myself involved in my first ever cafe lock in. I was ridiculously nervous on the approach but the shopfront shone out like a welcoming beacon. I knocked on the door, muttered ‘Sunday Club’ and was admitted into the cosy confines of the cafe at 26 Rathbone Place…

I made myself comfortable in a seat with a good view of the coffee preparation area but was still pretty unsure of what I was meant to be doing. My motto in situations like these…if in doubt talk random rubbish to the poor person sitting next to you, who on this occasion was a young gentleman barista from Fernandez and Wells. He was the font of all knowledge on all things coffee and has made me think I definitely need to schedule a trip down to their espresso bar in St Anne’s Court to sample their wares!

We waited for a few more stragglers to arrive and then the tasting kicked off…We were sampling the new ‘Jabberwocky’ blend from Has Bean Coffee, so named by Steve the owner who felt the words of his favourite Poem by Lewis Carroll described it perfectly, in particular…’the jaws that bite, the claws that catch’. He explains it in more depth on his ‘In my Mug’ video blog.

First off we were given three cups containing the three elements that make up the Jabberwocky blend as described on the menu above. Each one was accompanied by a small tasty morsel designed to compliment the particular tastes within each of the coffees…a raspberry filled with popping candy, an apricot bathed in peach schnapps and champagne sorbet sprinkled with a special orange zest and sugar powder…

It was very clever and totally delicious although I did find the peach scnapps slighty too reminiscent of my misspent youth 🙂

It was all very relaxed and there was plenty of time to take in the eclectic surroundings and chat with my fellow Sunday Club members…

We were given a palate cleanser of chilled coffee cherry tea and sparkling water…

Before finally sampling the complete Jabberwocky espresso…

It was a powerful, zingy, zesty, fresh coffee, just as Steve had descibed. I was amazing how well all of the elements worked together and how having sampled them separately, I could identify the different layers within it.

We got chatting to one of the owners of Tapped and Packed, Vic Frankowski, a very talented photographer as well as barista, who told us all about his recent trip to Costa Rica with Union Hand Roasted, visiting coffee farms and regaled us with his plans for future projects…his knowledge is astounding!

I’m a coffee lover but Sunday Club took coffee loving to a whole new level. The Tapped and Packed barista’s really know their stuff and are ready and willing to share it. Every month is set to be different as the Sunday Club format evolves. The next one’s taking place in January…I’m looking forward to it already!

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