My liquid caramac love affair…

I regularly get peruse the Domestic Sluttery blog, they lure me in with the most amazing dresses, furniture, food and nic nacs to die for. In January I spotted this recipe for Millionaire’s mud cake, printed it off and stashed it away, waiting for an excuse to make it (not that I ususally need one!). The perfect occassion presented itself in the form of my housemate’s 30th birthday and I set about creating the wondrous mud cake smothered in a caramac-like caramel and white chocolate ganache frosting! I made an 8 inch cake and piled it high with a variety of chocolates and even if I do say so myself…it looked bloody gorgeous!

However, in the excitement of the moment and due to the fact that we were running around getting the house ready before guests and the birthday boy arrived, I completely forgot to take any photo’s. Apart from a blowing out of candles action shot…

So…the next day I decided to do it all over again but this time I poured the cake batter into cupcake cases and baked them for 20 minutes, making gorgeous individual Millionaire’s mud cake cupcakes (rolls off the tongue eh ;))…

The cake was so moist and rich and I absolutely fell in love with the white chocolate caramel frosting…I ate so much of it that I’m surprised there was enough left to actually ice the cakes…mmm…liquid caramac…

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