Homemade Christmas moonshine…

I know Christmas has passed but I couldn’t withhold the most successful of my homemade Christmas gifts…both alcohol based!

First up I made a litre of liquid Christmas pudding by infusing vodka with all the typical ingredients that you’d associate with the traditional dessert. I discovered the recipe on the Domestic Sluttery website here. It was unbelievable easy and the only effort required on my part was in chopping up the fruit to bung in a large bowl along with the vodka…

and then to stir it up and give it a bit of love every day…

sampling every now and again of course 😉 …

After a week, I used a piece of muslin and a funnel to decant it into a pretty bottle and hey presto…

My other seasonal concoction was a rather large batch of Limoncello, an Italian lemon liqueur, which originated from Southern Italy. It took slightly longer to prepare but was equally as easy. The recipe I used was from the BBC Good Food website here.

Basically all you need to make 2 litres is…

5 unwaxed lemons

1 litre of vodka

750g caster sugar

700ml boiling water

and some large receptacles for brewing your limoncello up in!

Simply zest your lemons, being careful not to get too carried away as you don’t want to include the bitter white pithy layer, just the bright yellow outer zest!

Put the zest in a large jar and pour over the vodka, seal and leave for a week, giving a gentle shake of encouragement daily…

After a week, put the sugar in a bowl and pour over the boiling water. Stir until it has fully dissolved. Without thinking I used golden caster sugar, which gave my limoncello a deeper colour than if I’d used the white variety…no harm done!

Add the sugar syrup to the vodka and lemon peel and leave to infuse for another week…don’t give up on the daily stir of encouragement…

Appearance-wise nothing much happened but the taste developed beautifully as time went on…

After a couple of weeks I strained my limoncello into pretty bottles and there you have it…

Limoncello is best served straight from the freezer as a digestif and it’s ridiculously delicious!

At this point I’d like to wish anyone who reads my inane food related ramblings a very Happy New Year! I for one can’t wait to see what 2012 brings…hopefully many more baking exploits and delicious meals! 🙂


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