Hot Numbers Coffee Roastery…

My love of coffee is well documented on this blog, so you can understand my eagerness to attend the Hot Numbers Roastery official opening party! A chance to visit Cambridge’s newest coffee micro-roastery and to see where the magic happens…

There was something magical about walking through woodland towards a shed glowing with light and emitting the gorgeous aroma of freshly roasted coffee…

However tumbledown the outside of the roastery may have looked, the inside was the total opposite, all shiny and new and home to this beauty…

Simon and Steve have in essence created a little coffee lab, where they record in intricate detail, the temperature of the roaster at regular intervals so that, if it turns out well, they can recreate it over and over again and their coffee beans will be totally consistent…

We were given little goody bags to take home, needless to say mine only lasted 2 days!

Later on we were treated to seeing the coffee roaster in action…

But then the light started to fade, the mosquito’s came out to play and we decided to go home, buzzing from the coffee fumes 🙂

You can read more about Hot Numbers Coffee here and you can even buy online here or pop in to the cafe to try some Hot Numbers coffee made by the experts themselves!

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