Cambridge Folk Museum Tearoom…

Having grown up in Cambridge I remember visiting the Cambridge Folk Museum on many a school trip and as a treat during the school holidays. It’s a real treasure trove of artifacts from day to day life in the region and was set up in 1936 with the aim ‘to interest the ordinary citizen in aspects of local social life which were fast disappearing in Cambridgeshire’, which still remains their aim today…

I  was very excited to be approached by the lovely people at the Museum as they’ve set up a gorgeous little tea room that opens every Saturday from 10.30am-4.30pm and were in need of a cake supplier. I’m very happy to say that they decided I was just the lady for the job (I’m don’t know if the ‘bribery’ cake that I took to the meeting with me had anything to do with it 🙂 and now my cakes can be found gracing their cake stands every week!

The cake selection will change regularly and could be anything from a lemon drizzle sponge with lemon curd icing…

to a classic Victoria sponge with red cherry jam and buttercream icing…

or a slightly less traditional and totally decadent chocolate Guinness cake with cream cheese icing…

Tea and coffee is served in delicate vintage crockery and if you’re lucky can even be enjoyed out in their lovely sun trap of a courtyard…

I love working with local independents so it’s a real treat to also be working with Outspoken Delivery

Every Friday my cakes are collected and carefully transported to the Folk Museum. 2 weeks in there haven’t been any mishaps and I am assured that they have lots of cake delivery experience…even wedding cakes have been safely biked across Cambridge in their specially equipped bikes!

All proceeds from the tearoom go straight back into supporting the museum so, why not pop your head in one Saturday, support you local independents and get a slice of the action! (excuse the puns!) 

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