My two wheeled cake delivery expedition…

For a couple of months now, I’ve had the pleasure of working with Outspoken Delivery, a local bike courier company. Every Friday, regular as clockwork, they knock on my door to collect my cakes, load them into one of their cool bicycles and pedal them over to Cambridge Folk Museum so they’re ready and waiting for when the tearoom opens on Saturday morning at 10.30am.  

The first time they came to collect the weekly cake order I was extremely nervous about handing them over. Now, I don’t want to sound distrusting but as I usually do all of my own deliveries on foot, it was a real test to hand them over to someone else, a little like waving your child off on their first day at school (perhaps not quite the same ;). To guarantee safe delivery, I decided that bribery was the best option, so I struck Outspoken a deal…if they could deliver 21 cakes unscathed, I would make one especially for them! 

Last week they hit the big 21 with nothing untoward having occurred in the meantime so, as a lady of my word, I made them a cake, a chocolate Guinness cake nonetheless…

and thought it fitting that I should deliver it to them by bike, albeit in the panniers of my beaten up old Raleigh…

I am happy to report that, despite an emergency stop and what felt like 20 million speed bumps, I managed to get it to Outspoken HQ in one piece. Here it is modelled wonderfully by Mr Mark Nash, who is also sporting a fantastic Movember effort on his upper lip (Check out their team page here)…

It was great to meet the whole team, who downed tools to have a brew and some cake…

This week Outspoken launched their campaign to raise money and awareness for the ‘You Can Bike Too’ project, based at Milton Country Park. The group’s aim is to ‘ensure that all members of society can enjoy the benefits afforded by cycling’ by providing specialist bikes, which can be borrowed by anyone and everyone in the community.

Outspoken are asking for donations to this great cause and have pledged to match any donations made by their customers and friends so that they can raise the estimated £1600 to buy this fantastic Circe Cycles Morpheus bike and ensure it (and others) get used by as many people as possible. 

Not only would you get that squishy warm feeling at having contributed to such a great cause, if you make a donation by 28th November, your name will also go into a prize draw to win the ‘Outspoken Advent Calender’! The winner will get a special (Outspoken) delivery of chocolate every single day of Advent, culminating on Christmas Eve with a delivery of 3 cakes baked by me!

For more details of how to donate or about the project take a look at their website here.

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