Plate Lickers Eastern European Christmas…

For our 5th Plate Lickers Supper Club we decided to start Christmas a bit early and bring an Eastern European Christmas inspired menu to the good people of Cambridge. The menu was a lot of fun for Ivana and I to compile and prepare and as you may expect, contained a fair few z’s and (compulsory) cabbage…

We both called on our parents for some help and advice. Me & my Dad spent a Sunday afternoon in a beetroot splattered kitchen as he showed me how to make barszcz (beetroot soup) and Ivana’s Mum treated us to some of her divine homemade baklava. There are quite a few similarities between the Christmas dishes and traditions in many Eastern European countries and we tried to cover as many as possible in our 5 courses. 

We began the evening at Balzano’s Delicatessen by toasting ‘na zdrowie’ with some homemade Wisniowka (cherry vodka), accompanied by these Bosnian cheese and potato filled pita…

Our guests settled down for the first course, my Dad’s jewel coloured barszcz (beetroot soup) and mushroom filled ‘little ears’ (uszka), so called because of their shape and not because they contain any pork, much to our vegetarian guests relief! :)…

The main course was an exciting one for me & Ivana, we’d been dying to try our hand at cooking pigs cheeks and finally got our chance! We allowed for 1 large pigs cheek per guest, which we got from our lovely local butchers Northrops. They were a true labour of love, taking 7 and a half hours to cook! However they were most definitely worth it! The meat was unbelievably tender and the rich sauce, a great accompaniment to the kasza (buckwheat groats) and sauerkraut…

Our usual sorbet course was replaced by an equally refreshing traditional dried fruit salad called Kompot…

The sweet course was the most amazing baklava I’ve ever tasted, made by Ivana’s Mum!..

Thanks to our fabulous guests we had another lovely evening. It was great to be back in the place where Plate Lickers had first begun in May. We’ve come a long way since then and it really felt like we ended the Plate Lickers year in style, with big smiles on our faces!

Thank you to all of our 2012 guests, local suppliers and venue owners who have helped us make Plate Lickers special.

We’ll be back in 2013 with plenty more exciting events, new themes and secret locations! Sign up here to be kept in the loop!

We hope to see you in 2013!

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