Magical wedding macaron…

My good friends Georgie & Ollie got married at the weekend in a totally magical location on the coast of Devon. I, along with some of their talented baker friends were tasked with making and bringing some treats to share after the wedding meal. Georgie, being the organised lady that she is, had sent us mood boards of her ideal wedding cake spread and after seeing multiple photos of brightly coloured macarons, I well and truly took the hint! 🙂 I didn’t tell her what I was making and her reaction when she caught sight of the macaron on the table made all of the hard work worth it! Such a beautiful, magical wedding weekend that I didn’t want to end….here are a few photos…


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6 responses to “Magical wedding macaron…

  1. They look perfect, I love the bright colour. I need to practice mine a bit more. Any recipe you world recommend?

    FoodNerd x

  2. dawn

    Look at those colours! Beyond pretty and too gorgeous to eat surely, frame them!!

  3. How do you get them so perfectly smooth and uniform? I have made some recently but never seem to get the smooth sheen! Any help gratefully received…

    • I think the Italian meringue style is more forgiving. Also I make sure I pipe with the piping bag directly vertical to the tray and not at an angle. I don’t know if that helps at all? 🙂

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