My blank canvas…

It may seem that things have been a bit quiet on the Afternoon Tease blog front…it’s all a mirage…I would liken it to a duck swimming on the river…above the surface they have an aura of calm, whilst under the water they are working away furiously to keep afloat. Actually that all sounds a bit melodramatic, but in summary…its been a pretty busy couple of weeks! 🙂

This stage is quite frustrating as we’ve had to rip out all of the existing fittings in number 13, involving my Dad working like a Trojan and making multiple trips to the dump. As a result we are left with a very blank canvas and the realisation that in approximately 6 weeks, this empty space needs to look like an awesome cafe! I have every faith that were going to get there but it currently feels quite a long way off!

Work starts


Crazy flooring

I had a lot of fun one evening this week, drawing our layout plans straight onto the floor with a marker pen and building a pretend counter with step ladders and spirit levels to double check our spacing…I got my first glimpse of how it will feel to stand behind the counter welcoming customers as they come through the door in search of cake 🙂 It felt good!

Mapping out

I haven’t actually managed to spend much time in the cafe getting my hands dirty yet as the amount of paperwork, phone calls and organising has been insane. I’m ticking things of the mystical ‘to do’ list that never appears to get any shorter…however there have been a few wins…my 3 phase electricity is being connected at the end of September (hopefully the end of a very long and fraught saga), I have a new and wonderful accountant who has introduced me to the world of VAT, I have been to London to talk coffee with some of their best roasteries (more on this to follow) and purchased one of my ovens, fridges and exciting kitchen equipment so all in all have been pretty productive!

I haven’t shared much information about the look of Afternoon Tease as I really want to keep a few surprises for you all but this week I played around with some tester pots, tiles and work surfaces…

Colour pallette

It goes without saying, if you’re passing number 13 King Street, don’t forget to take a peek and see how were getting on! 🙂 It makes my day to see people wearing the glasses…hours of amusement!

IMG_7002 IMG_7004 IMG_7005


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4 responses to “My blank canvas…

  1. Shelly

    Wow! All sounds very exciting – will be seeing your Aunty KAte this evening and will no doubt hear the latest update I am very much looking forward to sampling your carrot cake….. Shelly

  2. My wife was next door at the Post Office. I saw your eye glass add / viewing thing. I was hooked! What a great idea. Can’t wait for your opening!

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