5 weeks in…it’s starting to look like a cafe!

It feels like a very long time since I last wrote a progress update on the cafe…time has been flying and not necessarily in a good way! However, today has been a super productive one and when I visited the cafe earlier I took a step back and could see just how far we’ve come!


It may still look a tad like a construction site to the untrained eye but when I think that I only picked the keys to number 13 up just over 5 weeks ago, it’s pretty incredible what has been achieved! These last couple of weeks have involved a lot of hard work…my whole family have worked their asses off to get us to where we are today and I think all of us have had some sleepless nights worrying about the many things that need to be in place before I can open the doors! But, we are most definitely getting there.

My sister came down this weekend and helped build the beginnings of my counter, where my beautiful La Marzocco Linea coffee machine will be perched…

Ally & the counter

Me and my Mum have been busy painting…trying to banish all signs of the ominous green colour that used to dominate the shop!

From this…


To this…


And I had to make another trip to Ikea (who I have now fallen out of love with in quite a major way after finding that what was meant to be in the box, most definitely was NOT in the box, resulting in Ikea trip #3)…

Ikea trip #2

One major hurdle has been getting our 3 phase electricity connected! It’s been an almighty saga that started before we even moved in and involved me having to make multiple phone calls to UK Power Networks, being sent on many wild goose chases and even having to resort to a shedding a few tears to get to speak to someone who knew what they were talking about! However, last Thursday was 3 Phase D Day…we all waited nervously for the workmen to show up…and they did!

UK Power Networks

Big hole

Brand spanking new 3 phase!…

3 phase

In other exciting news…today my lights were installed…


And I’ve been receiving some very exciting post…

My hot pink coffee tamper…


My new business/loyalty cards…

Afternoon Tease business cards

A new rubber stamp so I can get branding…

Brand it up

and the makings of my all important music system…

There will be music

Tomorrow, I’m heading to the Big Smoke with a couple of members of my new team (how exciting!) to visit the coffee roastery that we’re sourcing our espresso from. I cant wait to do the big reveal and to tell you all about them…not long to wait now!


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16 responses to “5 weeks in…it’s starting to look like a cafe!

  1. Whatever you do, don’t open on the 18th because I won’t be in Cambridge!

  2. Tan

    Wow, it’s looking great! Exciting times 🙂 x

  3. Owen

    Looks amazing Jo! Can’t wait to visit 🙂

  4. Wow! It’s really coming along. I am so excited for you Jo. Can’t wait to see the finished cafe.

  5. dawn

    Now I don’t know what a coffee tamper is, but it’s very pretty! And never underestimate the use of a few tears! Keep up the great work Jo, it’s going to look amazing.

  6. Biggy

    I can well imagine you turning on the waterworks to power networks! All very exciting… can’t wait for the grand opening x

  7. Foodie Haunts

    Jo, it is looking really good. I love the pink!

  8. Its looking good. Do you have a date for the Grand Opening yet, or did I miss that ?
    If its the end of the month, that would be great as we are moving much closer to town in the next couple of weeks ! 🙂

  9. Ooh it’s all so exciting. Great to hear the buzz around town whilst everyone anticipates the opening.

    I must grab one of those biz cards asap to hint to the boyfriend for my birthday cake 😉

    Keep up the hard work, we are all behind you!!

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