The end is in sight…Afternoon Tease is opening on Friday 25th October!

I promised you a photo heavy blog update and I wouldn’t dare rescind on a promise…plus, I just can’t wait for you to see what we’ve been up to!

But 1st, without further ado, I’d like to announce that we’ll be opening the doors to Afternoon Tease on Friday 25th October!

We’re in the final stages now and this week it’s going to all come together, culminating in a huge cleaning session followed by an even bigger baking session! 🙂 I can’t wait to get my hands on the ovens that have just been installed, not to mention my La Marzocco, which is arriving tomorrow!

But here, to whet your appetite are some pictures of what we’ve been up to in the last few weeks…

I finally got to splash some colour on the walls…3 coats of it to be precise……

Feature wall

Feature wall 2nd coatFeature wall 3rd coat

But I love the finished article.

The counter was added to on a daily basis…drinks fridge, water boiler…


My kitchen started looking like an intergalactic space station…

The kitchen

A very exciting piece of furniture arrived, here’s a sneaky peak but you’ll just have to pop in when we’re open to see it in all its glory!…

Exciting furniture

My main job last weekend was the floor…I’ve had plans for the floor for a long time and knew it was going to be high maintenance to carry out but was hoping it’d be worth it. I wasn’t disappointed! Welcome to the floor diaries…

Day 1 – Floor is sanded and beautiful oak is unearthed from under the brown sludgy paint…

Oak floor

Here’s a ‘before’ shot…

Floor 'before'

Day 2 – Miss Igs and I got busy painstakingly drawing a grid over the entire floor…

Miss Igs drawing the grid

and then masking & painting the alternate squares of the alternate rows…

Flooring day 2

It’d be too easy just to paint them, I wanted the grain of the wood to show through, so mixed white spirit with satinwood paint, painted it on and then wiped it off until I had the desired effect…I love making work for myself 😉

Day 3  – After 10 hours of crouching on the floor the day before, I felt like I’d been beaten up but there’s not rest for the wicked so I got back to it, masking and painting the other alternate squares to produce a harlequin pattern…

Flooring day 3

By the end of day 3, I was knackered but so chuffed to see my floor vision as a reality!…

Flooring painted

Day 4 – I had to wait until the evening, when everyone had vacated, to set about varnishing this bad boy! I was using a hardcore floor varnish, which involved  the nerve wracking task of measuring and mixing 2 elements that made up the varnish and then using a roller to liberally coat the whole floor…

Floor day 3

Floor day 3

Day 4 – Was pretty similar to day 3…I had to lightly sand the whole floor before giving it another coat and here it is, 4 days later…

Finished article

I’m so happy with it and ever so slightly over protective of it…is it acceptable to hand out slippers at the door? 😉

There has been plenty of other activity going on too. A bit of chair painting…

Painting chairs

and counter cladding…


which I stained and varnished yesterday…


Just the counter top to be fitted now.

The cafe front has been given a new lease of life by my Mum…


and very excitingly for me, my ovens are in! After cooking in a small domestic oven for so long, I can’t wait to start playing with this kit…


Even writing this blog and looking back at all of the photos, I cant believe how far we’ve come in such a short time! It’s getting so exciting as I see the cafe emerge from under the dust and jumble of powertools!

Just a few more days of hard graft and we’ll be ready to open the doors and welcome you in on Friday 25th!

Remember, if you’d like to keep up with what’s going on at Afternoon Tease, you can sign up here.


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9 responses to “The end is in sight…Afternoon Tease is opening on Friday 25th October!

  1. Louise

    Yay! Looks STUNNING! We are SO excited! Get baking…. Manipulating work hours to join you on your opening day. Roll on Friday!

  2. Debbie Reed

    Hello , I just wanted to wish you lots of luck for the grand opening .. I have been following your fantastic blog for a long time and can’t wait to come down from Yorkshire to your cafe !!!and a Plate lickers of course .. lots of best wishes xxx

  3. Maddie

    Well done Jo you have done so well to keep to schedule and open on time! I have loved following your progress and am just sad that I can’t come and enjoy the final result. If I am ever back in the UK then I will be sure to drop in and look forward to seeing photos of Afternoon Tease full of customers enjoying themselves!

  4. Looing forward to visiting!

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