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A magnificent golden tower of a cake

Last Saturday during my weekly perusal of the Guardian magazine I discovered a whole section entitled ‘50 top cooks top recipes’ it didn’t disappoint…there were so many great sounding recipes that I plan to work my way through. But with my brothers 21st birthday looming I was specifically on the look out for a new and exciting cake recipe…the article didn’t let me down and I found Dan Lepard’s saffron clotted cream cake recipe. I’d never heard of Dan Lepard before but having had a quick swizz of his website and blog I will definitely be trying out a few more of his recipes. He describes this cake as ‘A magnificent tower of light saffron buttercake, rich with clotted cream, layered with lemon curd and topped with clotted cream frosting and more swirls of lemon. The perfect summer party cake’ I didn’t need any more convincing and I was also totally intrigued with the concept of baking with saffron and clotted cream…both firsts for me!

It was a really really hot day, which had a bit of a bad effect on my icing, together with the fact that I got a bit over excited when estimating 2-3 tbsp of water straight from the kettle oops! It tasted great but it sure didn’t look like Dan’s.

I also got a a bit creative with the lemon swirls and edible gold glitter…it was my brothers 21st birthday cake after all!

The cake turned out perfectly moist and although not everyone could taste the saffron, I personally think it added beautifully fragrant undertones to the light but rich sponge which was then cut through by the tangy layers of lemon curd.

Next time I make this cake I’d like to use my own lemon curd and I personally think if you’re using shop bought that you need more than one jar and…don’t add too much boiling water to your icing 🙂

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