Babcia’s sernik

I’ve been thinking a lot about my Babcia (Polish Granny) who died last year, this weekend as at Easter we uphold a lot of Polish traditions. Babcia always used to make us the most divine cheesecake, which we called Sernik, it’s official name is apparently Sernik na Kruchym Spodzie (cheesecake on a shortcake base).

Me and my Mum took on a bit of a trial and error adventure making the cake as first of all we had to decode Babcia’s handwritten recipe card, covered in years of baking debris, using a mixture of metric, decimal and made up measurements and a hybrid of Polish and English language. Our first attempt was a complete disaster and was assigned to the compost bin. But the second attempt produced a cheesecake to rival even Babcia’s….

It is, as the title suggests a baked cheesecake on a shortcake pastry base and is amazingly moist.

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