Caravan (of love)

This morning I paid my second visit to Caravan on Exmouth Market. I work just around the corner and had been reading good things about it in timeout and on young and foodish so first thing on Tuesday morning I had headed down there only to be told that they were having ‘issues’ and didn’t have a working water supply and with water being a pretty vital component of coffee I had to leave empty handed. I didn’t write them off however, and this morning, for my Friday treat I wandered over to Caravan again. This time I was not at all disappointed and I can confirm that the wait was most definitely worth it!

I ordered an americano but then noticed the row of china coffee filters on the counter and realised that I wasn’t in danger of being served a filter coffee that had been brewed an hour or so earlier and had been stewing away in a jug…these guys knew their stuff. So I changed my order to a filter.

I was offered three varieties, which they roast in their basement. I was taken through the pro’s and con’s of each and decided on the Musasa as it was the strongest. The guy serving me was incredibly attentive and concentrated on giving me the coffee I had been dreaming of, checking that he was adding the right amount of sugar and milk to suit my taste. The cup was fairly small in comparison to some other cafe’s I frequent and was £2 but after my first sip I knew it was money well spent and realised that I may have started a dark and dirty liasion with the Caravan (of love)!

Only 7 weeks after opening apparently evenings are really busy and weekends are rammed so evidently their food must be something special too. I’ll keep you posted once the inevitable happens and I sample it.

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