In pursuit of chocolate…

I attended another Clerkenwell Design Week event on Thursday night; a collaboration between Desso and Sketchmob. It was a really fun evening that consisted of being plied with free alcohol and a plethora of drawing materials and being unleashed into the surrounding area of Clerkenwell for a couple of hours to be creative! We were told that prizes had been donated byRococo Chocolates, which basically was enough to get my competitive steak going with a vengeance…I needed/wanted to win! When we returned we displayed our works of art, which were then judged by the crowd in 5 categories – best colour drawing, storyboard, townscape, drawing of people and object. There were about 120 people in attendance and the atmosphere was buzzing. My artistic skills have been well and truly placed on the back burner of late and I realised that I haven’t done ANY drawing for at least 4 years. I was surprised that it didn’t take long for me to get back into it but was unbelievably shocked when my drawing was being plucked out of the amazing array of sketches and placed on the shortlist for best colour drawing….and even more surprised when I got the largest show of hands and cheers from the crowd of strangers and won!!!

I was shaking like a leaf and was chuffed beyond measure when I was handed my very own bar of cardomom white Rococo chocolate!! It’s amazing the lengths I’ll go to get my hands on yummy stuff! 🙂

And here’s my winning picture…

I haven’t opened the chocolate bar yet – I’m waiting for the perfect time when I can savour it and give it the attention it deserves!

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