Earlier this year I joined a group of people at work who were interested in starting a staff vegetable garden. We were all complete horticultural novices and although we had a lot of enthusiasm and all the best intentions I wondered whether we’d actually manage to produce anything edible. We secured some funding through the Capital Growth campaign and were given a small derelict corner of the University campus to transform. We started out buying some raised beds made of old pallets and planted seedlings which we’d started growing on our windowsills at home but it didn’t look very promising at this stage…

Slowly but surely, with a watering rota in place, we managed to cultivate a little leafy oasis of veggie goodness…

I’ve become completely obsessed with the garden. It’s become a little haven of relaxation for me. I’ve even been known to pop in at the weekend to do a spot of watering. In my opinion it’s worth every second of time and ounce of effort expended when the fruits of your labour start to magically sprout out of nowhere…

Today, whilst pottering around the garden with the hose I discovered our first fully grown courgette…it was just calling out to be taken home and savoured…

I pondered all the way home on the bus how to cook it so as to retain it’s freshness and flavour and decided that a quick griddling would be the best bet. So together with some red pepper, griddle it I did…

It didn’t need long at all and in the blink of an eye I was sitting down to relish my first homegrown courgette of the season, which I served with king prawns in a chilli and coriander dressing…yum…

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