This little piggy went to market…

Borough Market used to be a weekly haunt of mine when I lived south of the river, but since affecting to North London I seem to have neglected it totally. However, another great toptable deal gave me the perfect excuse to get my ass down to Roast, a meat orientated restaurant situated in the floral hall above the market.

Me and my friend Hannah were taking advantage of the 3 course market menu at £26, which I realised after looking at the prices on the rest of the menu, was a very good deal indeed.

We were served a basket of delicious bread from the Flour Power City Bakery, who have a couple of stalls in Borough Market as well as a few other locations in and around London. Bread and butter are my nemeses, in hindsight I wish I’d been able to resist them or at least refuse the top up from our very attentive waitress. I just wasn’t aware how much food there was to come…

For my starter I had a pot of pickled Dorset herrings with beetroot, sour cream and horseradish. I’m a real sucker for kilner jars and was totally won over on first appearances. However, it not only looked amazing but the little jar was chocka block full of flavour and delicate, melt in the mouth herrings…

Han opted for pressed ham hock with toast and picalilli. And despite the fact that the toast actually turned out to be bread and the picalilli portion was a little stingy, she was very impressed…

I chose my main on the grounds that it came with a ‘Franconian cheese sausage’, which intrigued me…German sausage plus cheese…a match made in heaven surely?

The complete dish was grilled saddleback bacon chop with aforementioned Franconian cheese sausage, crabapple jelly and chips, which were served in their own little deep frying basket…

I would liken the sausage to a cooked Polish kabanos with veins of cheese running through it, weird but wonderful!

Hannah had the pot roast featherblade of beef with caramelised onion and thyme dumpling, which was so tender and succulent that it fell apart, no knife required!…

We were pretty full at this stage (darn that bread!) but as usual, I’d already eyed up the dessert menu and knew I’d regret not sampling it. It was a nightmare for a dessert loving, indecisive diner like me as everything just sounded soooo good. I decided to forego the Cornish Yarg cheese (one of my favourites) and instead chose the perfect dessert for a cold, wet, January evening…rhubarb, bramley apple and almond crumble with English custard…

Hannah was nearly passing out from over indulgence so chose what she hoped would be the smaller, lighter, but no less tastier option of lemon posset with vanilla thins…

We savoured our puds in silence, wishing that we could somehow be transported magically back to our sofa’s without having to brave the nasty weather. Unfortunately that’s not yet included in the service at Roast. They were very accomodating and welcoming but as yet don’t provide food coma recovery beds!

I’m sure I’ll be back again soon to sample their breakfast menu or just to savour one of their legendary Lorne sausage Scotch eggs and a few cocktails in the bar


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