Floaty light marmalade layer cake…

Not another marma-laden blog post I hear you cry! It does seem that I’ve developed a slight marmalade addiction of late. The thing is…I still have a few jars of my homemade amber nectar to get through and delicious sounding marmalade based recipes keep invading my periphery! 

This month, for the ‘Book & Bake’ club that I attend we were reading ‘Case Histories’ by Kate Atkinson and baking something from Dan Lepard’s ‘Short and Sweet’. I’ve already baked quite a few things from his book and am very happy to report that everything has been an absolute success and his marmalade layer cake was no exception…

Now, I’m a little bit nervous about even mentioning Mr Lepard’s name as I know there have been a number of incidents where his publisher has requested that recipes be removed from blogs due to copyright issues. I’m hoping that posting a link to the recipe on the Guardian website is acceptable, so here goes…follow this link and you will find a recipe for the most deliciously light sponge with a marmalade zing. It doesn’t contain any butter just lashings of double cream and involves lots of beating to fill it with air and make it floaty light! To finish it off it’s sandwiched and topped off with swathes of vanilla laden cream! Awesome…

The ‘Book & Bake’ ladies had thrown themselves into the task at hand and excelled. Just look at that spread… 

Out of sheer luck we managed not to have any duplicates. From ‘Short & Sweet’ there was cherry beet cake, marbled chocolate crumb cake, alchemist’s chocolate cake (yes, it was as crazy as it sounds), banana blondies, dark chocolate chunk cookies and raspberry ripple tarts. We even had sweet potato brownie’s, malt whisky ginger cake and lemon curd cookies from Dan’s column in the Guardian. And of course there was my marmalade layer cake…

I took one for the team and, for experimental purposes only you understand, made sure I tried a bit of everything :)…

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