Sunday Sessions at Afternoon Tease…be gone Sunday night blues!

Are you, like me, one of those unfortunate souls who suffers from ‘The Sunday Night Blues’? The black cloud of gloom that hovers on your periphery from around midday on a Sunday (or if you’ve got a very bad case, plagues you from the minute you open your eyes on Sunday morning); that niggling ‘don’t want to go to work tomorrow’ feeling that, if not dealt with correctly, can ruin the latter part of your weekend!?

Through years of experimentation, I have found the best way to deal with ‘TSNB’ is to gather a group of friends and hole yourself up in an establishment with an ‘extension to your living room’ style atmosphere and which will serve you a nice bit of grub and a few alcoholic beverages but then will very nicely turf you out at 9pm so that you can go home and get a good nights sleep and be bright eyed and bushy tailed for work on Monday morning!

If you are a sufferer look no further, Afternoon Tease is here to help you out in the form of our Sunday Session. We usually close at 5pm on Sundays but once a month we are going to be staying open until 9pm. We’ll be cooking up a hearty one pot meal (think steaming bowls of macaroni cheese or veggie chilli with a big chunk of bread) and will have a selection of affordable wines and beers on sale. Not only that but we will also be in the company of the very talented Will Robert!

The Sunday Session - Will Robert 2

You may have seen Will perform at one of Cambridge’s live music venues but he can most often be found busking around town…one things for sure…if you haven’t heard him, you’ve been missing out!

To quote his website…’over the years he developed his own brand of infectious, guitar focussed acoustic music. Experimenting with open tunings, unusual guitar techniques and percussive elements, Will creates an exciting dynamic connecting melody and rhythm through the body of his acoustic guitars.’

Why not have a sneaky listen to some of his tunes in advance, here.

So here it is, an open invitation to come down to the cafe on Sunday 2nd February between 5pm and 9pm (feel free to drop in and drop out as and when you like), come and enjoy some good food & booze, music and company and banish those Sunday Night Blues at Afternoon Tease!

Visit our Facebook event page here to let us know you’re coming…see you on the 2nd.

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